Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Personal Prospective on DJing

All DJs no matter what genre of dancers they are relating to have a perosnal bias that they bring to the DJing. I have thought a lot about what my own peronsal bias is. My start in DJing came basically from playing music I liked to dance to and as my dancing evolved the music I selected changed. Of course to call oneself a DJ the choice of music must respond to the character and skills of the dancers for are DJing for. So the question that I needed to ask and find answers for is what is it in music that makes people what to dance.

The short (cryptic) answer:

Music is condensed passion.
Dancing is feeling that passion and allowing it to be expressed through one's body and their connection with their partners.

So with this bias, what I look for primarily in music is the emotion it expresses. Next how acessible it is to hear that passion in one’s body and then what is the character of the dance that flow out of the passion contained in the music.

There are all kinds of passion expressed in music. Waltz alone contain a kalipscope of passions. The simple, longing feeling of a country waltz, the communal strands and rhythms of a folk, the flowing, erobic tempos of viennese waltes, the passion, angst with joy, energy with reflection of tango vals, the flowing, smooth seductive character lyrical waltzes with melodies sung from a longing soul. Good waltzes are delightful combinations of rhythms and melodies, movement and feeling, that reflect a whole culture or moment of an individual’s life but can be felt and danced by us all.

In other entries I will attempt to explore the feelings contained in other dances: swing, latin dances, tango etc

Another bias, no matter what the passion is, whether is it is dark, comtemplative, longing, joyfull, opening, assertive, seductive, playful, ..... the expression of that passion (feeling) through dance can leave one in a heightened state, more open more engaged, more connected. The key is recognizing the passion and committing oneself to expressing that passion- playfully, openly and with a contineously flowing connection to ones partner.

These are two perspectives through which I DJ, there are others. Stay tuned.

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