Saturday, December 01, 2007


The purpose of this blog is to provide an area for me as a dancer and a DJ to express by ideas about social dancing and to engage in conversations with others about social dancing and how it can be more of a mainstream cultural activity. It will include thoughts about partner dancing, djing for partner dancing, music lists, dance communities, and ideas promoting partner dancing as one of the most healthy wholistic activities we can participate in. Feedback is always welcomed to anything on this blog

For five years I have been DJing dances for Waltz Eclectic, a community of non--competive social dancers who enjoy dancing as social activity and expression of joy in movement to music. As a dancer I enjoy the wide variety of dance genres that include swing dancing- (west coast, 50's rock and roll, lindy hop), the communal spinning and patterns of contra dancing, roots of the bluesy down and dirty Zydeco, the calculated variety of ballroom, the hips movements of latin dancing (although my musical ear has trouble with the more complicated rhythms), tango with its express language and dancing as a way of life philosophy, waltz with its aerobic tempo and revolving embrace and the versatality of the one step, its both the basic step of most of the other dances plus a dance in its own. As a DJ this variety of dances I enjoy is reflected in the music I select.

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