Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sevillanas- a social dance from Southern Spain

Ever wonder what to do with your hands when you are dance. Check out this dance from Spain.

Angela Amillaras will be doing Sevillanas lesson as part of Richard Powers and Angela's weekend workshop- "The Allure of the Waltz".

"Sevillana is a popular flamenco-style dance from Seville. Its rhythm is 3/4 or better 6/8.
The Sevillana did not originate in Seville[citation needed]. It is an old folk dance, danced by couples of all ages and sexes during celebrations (fiestas or ferias), often by whole families and pueblos. Sevillanas choreography is very stable, and knowing it is very useful, since it is a fiesta dance. This is why learning flamenco usually starts with this particular dance: it is easier to reach a particular level and there are more occasions for practice and training (even for men).
Each sevillana is composed of 4 (or sometimes 7) parts, with each part divided into 3 coplas, and with each copla made up of 6 movements. It is a very vivid dance, often excluded from flamenco by "purists". "
                                                                                                            from Wikipedia

The video below is from a trip to Sevilla Feira in 2006. It shows the Sevillanas as it is danced socially in a festival atmosphere of the Feira.

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