Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Portland Dance Eclectic YouTube

A great resource for dancers is YouTube. There are excellent videos of just about every different style of dancing. You can be inspired, motivated to learn, instructed, film yourself dancing and then upload the video. You can discover a form of dance you never heard of like Zouk or check out how they are dancing on the East Coast or what you favorite instructor is up to.

You don’t need another reason to spend hours surfing on the Internet when you could be dancing, so here is the Portland Dance Eclectic YouTube channel:  When I find something that might me of interest to the group, I will sometimes put it in a blog,  but all the time it will be posted on the channel. Let me know what interests you and feel free to suggest additions.

Check out Fred Astaire dancing the blues to a very nice version for St. James's Infirmary by Jonah Jones. The dancing is in the second half of the video. It is also an example of 50's TV cabaret skits that were common on shows then.

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