Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Swing Eclectic Oct. 6 Playlist

Thank you for all who participated in the survey to determine a focus for the October 6 dance. The results are in and it was a tie between Swing Eclectic and World Eclectic with Blues Eclectic a few votes back, then Waltz Eclectic and Tango and Tapas. So in Oct 6 we will be having a swing dance with an eclectic twist. I will working on it over the next couple of weeks and feel the playlist will be one that can be enjoyed by  those who enjoy the Thursday Fulton Park and Sunday Brunch dances. Check out the progress of the playlist here. Please email me comments and suggestions.

(Edit- 9/25/12)  Swing dance music is a huge genre that covers about a 100 years and many different subcultures. So my first thought is take a dancing journey through this diversity. One challenge I will have to keeping the energy sustainable for dancers to have become familiar our playlists. I will attempt to do this by including some waltz, blues and two steps (fox trots and night club) with the swing music. I have updated the playlist to give you an idea of what this playlist might be like. As always your feedback is welcome.

There is a slider on the right to access the full list.

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